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General Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

We assist in preparing and maintaining your daily, monthly or quarterly accounts. The entire accounting services are provided by our experts ensure data correctness and faster results.


Financial Statements Preparation

We prepare the annual accounts for the statutory annual audit. Our service range comprise of Financial Budgeting, Preparation Sales Order Management, Financial Reports, Financial Write-up Services, Accounts Reconciliation, Financial Statement, Invoice/order Processing, University Accounting Services, Fixed Assets Management and Cash Forecasting.

Payroll Services

We are engaged in preparing employees salary statements, administering of commissions and bonus payments calculations. Customized payroll accounting services with the assurance that you will never miss a tax compliance deadline is offered from our end.

Cash Forecasting Services

Forecasting and Analysis of the cash requirements for the business.

Payable Management

We help streamline and enhance the entire process of managing your accounts payable

Payments to Creditors

We help to make payments to the creditors while leaving ultimate control with the management.

Cash Handling Services

We assist to operate and monitor of high-interest deposits and current accounts.

Accounting Setup Services

Achieve your business goals by the help of our accounting setup services.

Common Services Include


  • Code and post invoices

  • Post any manual checks written

  • Record payroll

  • Pay invoices and bills

  • Aging reports


  • Code and post deposits/cash receipts

  • Client Billing

  • Collections Report

  • Monthly Statements



  • Record Sales Invoices

  • Record daily bank deposits and merchant account receipts

  • Process vendor invoices

  • Maintain detailed accounts payable records

  • Process manual checks issued from emergencies

  • Record debit cards transactions


  • Process client approved vendor payments

  • Provide accounts payable signature ready check to client

  • Process client approved monthly payment (rent, Utilities, insurance etc.)

  • Record payroll processed by client’s third party vendor

  • Record payroll allocations for in house payroll and tax payment


  • Reconciliation of Accounts

  • Enter monthly transactions

  • Balance Sheet Statement

  • Profit and Loss Statement

  • Cash Flow Statements


  • Installing and optimizing Quickbooks
  • W-2s and 1099s
  • Establish chart of accounts
  • Remote Support
  • Organize invoices and Documents and maintain virtual files for easy access
  • Account review & Quickbooks Online training

And much more!  Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Guided Program for
DIY Business Owners

For some, truly understanding their financial outlook requires a hands-on approach. Others may be looking for an affordable way to get started by handling their own bookkeeping. Either way, our expert guided membership plan provides a lower cost alternative while focusing on developing a solid financial foundation for your business.

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