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Increase your knowledge of general bookkeeping practices, the latest information on Quickbooks online and other platforms. Plus helpful tips for the business owner or entrepreneur doing their own books.


Will you have access to my books and be able to address questions about my specific finances?

Our membership options are designed to provide guidance for individuals who are doing their own bookkeeping and Kufner Bookkeeping will not have access to your books.  You may choose to schedule a consultation to ask questions specific to your own financials and even screenshare so we may see your books, if you desire.  We offer our members a discount on our standard consultation rates, and 1 hour is included monthly with the Full membership.

Do I have to use Quickbooks or Quickbooks Online to benefit from the membership?

Absolutely not, we  have articles to help you understand accounting terminolog and process and help you take your business to the next level.

Can I schedule a consultation with you and my accountant?

Because our membership options are designed to be guidance and we do not have specific knowledge of your books, we would not work with you in this capacity. However, if you’re interested in our Bookkeeping Services, you may schedule a call to discuss your needs. Once we’re working together in a more formal capacity, communication between us and your accountant may be appropriate.

What if I use all the training materials and still don’t understand how to manage my books?

Bookkeeping is not for everyone and you may decide it’s best for you and your business to outsource to a professional bookkeeper. We’d love to support you in that capacity and welcome you to schedule a call to discuss. You may cancel your membership at any time and while we do not offer refunds, we will gladly apply your most recent membership payment to your first month of done-for-you bookkeeping services, should you contract with Kufner Bookkeeping.  

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